ROC Filing Services

Commencement of Business

Starts from
Rs 990/-

Add or Remove a Director

Starts from
Rs 2,990/-

Add or Remove a Partner of LLP

Starts from
Rs 2,490/-

Changes in LLP Agreement

Starts from
Rs 1,990/-

Share Transfer

Starts from
Rs 2,490/-

Increase Authorized Capital of Company

Starts from
Rs 3,590/-

Return of Deposits

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Rs 1,490/-

Change in Registered Office Address

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Rs 2,490/-

Change in Business Name

Starts from
Rs 3,990/-

Change the Name of Your Company or LLP

Change the name of your Company or LLP for a new beginning for ₹3,990/- Only (Inclusive of Government Fees and taxes)

The Name of the Company or LLP can be changed by the promoters at any time after incorporation. Some of the major reasons for the change of company name are business model change, change of promoters, rebranding, etc., To change the name of a company, shareholders’ approval is required along with approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The change of name of a company or LLP, however, has no impact on the legal entity or its existence. Hence, all assets and liabilities of the entity would continue, while only the name of the company would have been changed.

As you’ve already incorporated, you’re aware of the rules involved in selecting a name for your company. The same applies to changing your name, too. The method is properly specified and must be rigorously followed. And if all of the RoC standards have not been met, you will only be able to proceed with this. Changing the company name requires the board resolution, and the name must be approved by MCA. A new certificate of incorporation will be issued if the MCA accepts the application. Once the new certificate of incorporation is obtained, amendments must also be made to include and modify the company’s MOA and AOA.

Change in Business Name

Starts from

₹ 4,999/-

₹ 3,990/-

Note Down The Documents Required To Change The Business Name

For Company

✓ Signed copy of the Board Resolution

✓ Signed copy of Notice along with Explanatory

✓ Signed copy of Special Resolution

✓ Signed copy of Minutes of General Meeting

✓ Altered MOA & AOA

Features of Change in Business Name

Process for change in Company Name is same that you have already performed while incorporating your Company. You need to follow the same guidelines as performed while selecting New Name for your business. We at Tax Sharks India help you to easily perform all these procedures:

  • Drafting Resolutions & Documents – Our Team of professionals will help you to prepare the documents required for the Change in name of your Company.
  • Alteration in MOA & AOA – We help you prepare the revised MOA & AOA.
  • Filing with ROC – For a change in Name of the Company you need to File forms with ROC, we will help you to do the necessary filings

FAQs for Change in Business Name

When the name gets approved, ROC would issue a Fresh Certificate of Incorporation. The date on that would be the date of change of name. Once you receive this certificate you can change it with all statutory authorities with whom you have registered, Company name plate, Letter head, common seal etc.

A trading name is a name used by an entity or person to trade commercial products or services. A trading name is not a registered business name. A business may also use its registered, legal name for contracts and other formal purposes.

The Executive Committee selects the names to present to the Board of Directors. The Board unanimously approves the final name.

No, it is not allowed to add the Numeric character in the Name.

No, change in the company name will not create any new entity.

ROC must be intimated within 30 days of passing the resolution in the general meeting.