All Types of GST Related Services

File GST Return

Starts from
Rs 200/- per month

GST Latter of Undertaking

Starts from
Rs 799/-

GST Annual Return

Starts from
Rs 499/-

GST Registration

Starts from
Rs 999/-

Amend GST Registration

Starts from
Rs 899/-

GST Annual Return Filing

File Annual Return with Tax Sharks India Plan starts from ₹499/- Only

All registered taxpayers are required to submit an annual return, irrespective of their turnover, under GST. The return includes information about the taxpayer’s inward and supplies, taxes charged, refunds received, demands raised, and ITCs claimed during the year.

Following types of registered taxpayers have been exempted from this provision:

  • Casual Taxpayers
  • Input Services Distributors
  • Non-resident taxpayers
  • Taxpayers deducting/collecting tax at source under section 51 or section 52

If a taxpayer is registered as Composition dealer then GSTR-9A would be filed and for E-commerce operators GSTR-9B would be applicable.


Starts from

₹ 999/-

₹ 499/-

What we do:

➦  Filing of GSTR-9

➦  Preparation of GST Reconciliation Statement

➦  Assessment of GST Liability

➦  Verification of GST Credit

Documents Required To Annual Return under GST

For Company

✓ Detail of Sales

✓ Detail of Purchases

✓Bifurcation of ITC as ITC on Inputs, Capital Goods, Input Services

✓ Details of reverse charge

Different types of forms of GST Annual Return

  1. GSTR-9 : For Regular Registered taxpayers
  2. GSTR-9A: For Composition Dealers
  3. GSTR-9B : For E-commerce Operators

FAQs for GST Annual Return

If a person fails to file GST Return on time then there is penalty of ₹200 per day, subject to maximum of 0.25% of turnover.

No, there is no provision to revise the Annual Return.

Yes, GST Annual Return needs to be filed even if the GST Registration was cancelled during the year.

Yes, Nil Annual Return can be filled under GST.