ROC Filing Services

Commencement of Business

Starts from
Rs 990/-

Add or Remove a Director

Starts from
Rs 2,990/-

Add or Remove a Partner of LLP

Starts from
Rs 2,490/-

Changes in LLP Agreement

Starts from
Rs 1,990/-

Share Transfer

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Rs 2,490/-

Increase Authorized Capital of Company

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Rs 3,590/-

Return of Deposits

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Change in Registered Office Address

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Change in Business Name

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Changes in LLP Agreement

Do the required Changes or Amendment in the LLP agreement for just ₹1,990/- Only (exclusive of Stamp Duty)

The LLP agreement is the charter of the LLP, just like the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of a Private Limited Company. It outlines the scope and the activities of the LLP. This agreement also defines the rights, duties and obligations of the partners. It is easy to alter the LLP agreement. ou only have to approve a revision in the LLP agreement by passing a resolution. The second stage is to file the prescribed form within 30 days of the change with ROC.

There may be cases that require changes in the LLP agreement to meet the business needs, like;

  • Change in the management structure of the LLP
  • Decision-making process  
  • Profit ratio or contribution etc.

Changes in LLP Agreement

Altering the LLP Agreement is a simple process, just pass a resolution and with ROC within 30 days.

₹ 3,999/-

₹ 1,990/-

Note Down The Documents Required To Perform the Changes or Amendment In LLP Agreement

For Company

✓ Certified true copy of the minutes in which a decision has been taken to make the changes in the agreement.

Features of Changes in LLP Agreement

Altering the LLP Agreement is a simple process. You need to pass a resolution to approve the changes & file them with Registrar within 30 days. We at Tax Sharks India help you to perform all the procedures easily:

  • Consultancy regarding the amendment procedure – We will guide you through the procedure that you need to follow to make the changes in the agreement.
  • Drafting the necessary documents – We will prepare all the documentation required to make the Changes in LLP Agreement.
  • Filing the changes/amendments with Registrar – Finally, We will file those changes in the Agreement with the Registrar

FAQs for Changes in LLP Agreement

Yes, the changes are required to be intimated to the Registrar.

There is no limit to the number of times an LLP agreement can be amended.

Minimum 2 partners are required to execute a LLP agreement.